reiki training level 1

This Reiki training course is for self-healing on a spiritual level. It is a stepping stone to level 2 Reiki and enables the student to use Reiki for spiritual healing. The attunements given during the Reiki training enable the Reiki student to channel external energy for healing purposes. A level 1 Reiki training course includes elements such as the history of Reiki, what Reiki is, the science behind Reiki, how to locate energy weaknesses within the body, how to self-heal and the Reiki ideals. By this end of a level 1 Reiki training course you will be able to use Reiki for spiritual healing and an understandking of the history behind Reiki and how it should be used.

reiki training details

Price: £187 - full day 9:30am to 5.30pm 
Entry requirements: No prior knowledge or experience of Reiki is required. 

  • Reiki 
  • The core philosophy of Reiki 
  • Scientific Explanation of Energy Healing
  • Reiki attunements / Reiju Empowerments 
  • 21 day Cleansing Process 
  • History of Reiki 
  • Reiki Lineage 
  • Reiki ideals (Usui Sensei/ Mrs Takata) 
  • What Reiki can be used for 
  • Seven levels of Reiki 
  • The Reiki hand positions
  • Kanji Hand positions 
  • Signs of release 
  • Healing safely 
  • Self-healing 
  • Developing Reiki focus 
  • Contra-indications 
  • Bio Feedback 
  • Byosen Reikan Ho Scanning 
  • Jakikiri Joka Ho 
  • The Rei method for Healing 
  • Practice healing 
There are 4 attunements with this Reiki training course NB: After each attunement and practice session, time will be given to discuss the students experiences.